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Baslow, Derbyshire, England


Latitude: 53.2513810, Longitude: -1.6223710


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BASLOW, John  1565Baslow, Derbyshire, England I4739
2 BASLOWE, Dorothea  03 Sep 1589Baslow, Derbyshire, England I16596
3 BROUGH, Alicia  02 Mar 1575Baslow, Derbyshire, England I5670
4 JACKSON, Frances  30 Mar 1615Baslow, Derbyshire, England I4482
5 JAXON, Thomas  1589Baslow, Derbyshire, England I565
6 MARSDEN, Alicia (Alice)  17 Nov 1679Baslow, Derbyshire, England I340
7 MARSDEN, Dorothy  15 Aug 1643Baslow, Derbyshire, England I748
8 MARSDEN, Edmund  03 Jan 1611Baslow, Derbyshire, England I12859
9 MARSDEN, Edmund  10 Apr 1645Baslow, Derbyshire, England I16563
10 MARSDEN, Edmund  May 1686Baslow, Derbyshire, England I10668
11 MARSDEN, Elizabeth  Baslow, Derbyshire, England I15277
12 MARSDEN, Elizabeth  23 Apr 1694Baslow, Derbyshire, England I14255
13 MARSDEN, Emma  Baslow, Derbyshire, England I5698
14 MARSDEN, Frances  1602Baslow, Derbyshire, England I14991
15 MARSDEN, Frances  04 May 1604Baslow, Derbyshire, England I3215
16 MARSDEN, Godfrey  02 Feb 1645Baslow, Derbyshire, England I5261
17 MARSDEN, Helen  09 Jan 1597Baslow, Derbyshire, England I10147
18 MARSDEN, Hugh  02 Oct 1639Baslow, Derbyshire, England I13642
19 MARSDEN, James  24 Dec 1605Baslow, Derbyshire, England I8959
20 MARSDEN, John  18 Sep 1653Baslow, Derbyshire, England I3429
21 MARSDEN, Joseph  05 Mar 1658Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1862
22 MARSDEN, Joseph  30 Sep 1692Baslow, Derbyshire, England I1985
23 MARSDEN, Margaret  05 Sep 1641Baslow, Derbyshire, England I10387
24 MARSDEN, Richard  Abt 1680Baslow, Derbyshire, England I7709
25 MARSDEN, Robert  10 Jul 1689Baslow, Derbyshire, England I13604
26 MARSDEN, Thomas  05 Mar 1674Baslow, Derbyshire, England I6059
27 \MARSDEN, Samuel  28 Oct 1697Baslow, Derbyshire, England I15391


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROUGH, Alicia  11 Nov 1662Baslow, Derbyshire, England I5670
2 HOLDEN, Mary  20 Dec 1726Baslow, Derbyshire, England I9548
3 JACKSON, Frances  04 Oct 1680Baslow, Derbyshire, England I4482
4 JAXON, Thomas  1615Baslow, Derbyshire, England I565
5 MARSDEN, Dorothy  15 Aug 1643Baslow, Derbyshire, England I748
6 MARSDEN, Edmund  Jun 1680Baslow, Derbyshire, England I12859
7 MARSDEN, Edmund  18 Dec 1711Baslow, Derbyshire, England I16563
8 MARSDEN, Elizabeth  28 Dec 1638Baslow, Derbyshire, England I15277
9 MARSDEN, Emma  1635Baslow, Derbyshire, England I5698
10 MARSDEN, Frances  Mar 1605Baslow, Derbyshire, England I3215
11 MARSDEN, Frances  19 Mar 1605Baslow, Derbyshire, England I14991
12 MARSDEN, Helen  17 Jan 1679Baslow, Derbyshire, England I10147
13 MARSDEN, Hugh  Sep 1616Baslow, Derbyshire, England I2869
14 MARSDEN, Hugh  1698Baslow, Derbyshire, England I13642
15 MARSDEN, James  11 Nov 1659Baslow, Derbyshire, England I8959
16 MARSDEN, John  19 Jan 1730Baslow, Derbyshire, England I3429
17 MARSDEN, Margaret  Aug 1642Baslow, Derbyshire, England I10387
18 MARSDEN, Robert  Aug 1712Baslow, Derbyshire, England I13604
19 MARSDEN, Thomas  May 1637Baslow, Derbyshire, England I6924