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Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England


Latitude: 51.6959856, Longitude: -2.4583956


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes De Berkeley  Abt 1363Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I9645
2 Maurice"De Resolute" Lord Of Berkeley  04 Apr 1218Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I217
3 Thomas Baron De Berkeley  1293Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I10024
4 BERKELEY, Alice  Abt 1297Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I8024
5 BERKELEY, Edmund  Abt 1324Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I3255
6 BERKELEY, Eudo Or Ivo  Abt 1303Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I11965
7 BERKELEY, Henry  Abt 1224Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I8907
8 BERKELEY, Isabel  Abt 1232Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I6372
9 BERKELEY, Isabel  Abt 1281Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I15328
10 BERKELEY, Isabel  Abt 1307Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I596
11 BERKELEY, John  Abt 1299Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I6131
12 BERKELEY, John  Abt 1357Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I12189
13 BERKELEY, Margaret  Abt 1230Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I4543
14 BERKELEY, Maurice  Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I12095
15 BERKELEY, Maurice  Abt 1298Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I9862
16 BERKELEY, Maurice  Abt 1322Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I10173
17 BERKELEY, Millicent  Abt 1295Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I5786
18 BERKELEY, Peter  Abt 1301Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I6314
19 BERKELEY, Richard  Abt 1228Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I15550
20 BERKELEY, Robert  Abt 1222Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I13901
21 BERKELEY, Thomas  Abt 1220Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I16125
22 BERKELEY, Thomas  1332Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I5434
23 BERKELEY, Thomas  05 Jan 1352Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I15123
24 BERKELEY, William  Abt 1226Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I3104
25 DE BERKELEY, Alphonsus  Abt 1337Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I11272
26 DE BERKELEY, Catherine  Abt 1360Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I5266
27 DE BERKELEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1365Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I6777
28 DE BERKELEY, James  Abt 1279Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I2659
29 DE BERKELEY, James  Abt 1355Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I12521
30 DE BERKELEY, Joane  Abt 1329Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I3131
31 DE BERKELEY, John  1277Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I5816
32 DE BERKELEY, John  Abt 1330Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I6303
33 DE BERKELEY, Margaret  Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I5735
34 DE BERKELEY, Maurice  Abt 1358Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I14327
35 DE BERKELEY, Roger  Abt 1334Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I5168
36 DE BERKELEY, Thomas III  1280Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I16463
37 DE BERKELEY, Thomas  Abt 1336Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I5126
38 DE CLARE, Isabel  10 Mar 1262Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I474
39 DE MORTIMER, Margaret  1308Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I5419
40 DE PONT DE L'ARCHES, Juliana  1168Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I15995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Thomas Baron De Berkeley  27 Oct 1361Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England I10024