Discovering our Ancestors

Burgundy, France


Latitude: 47.0525047, Longitude: 4.3837215


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adelheid (Adelaide) Queen of Italy  927Burgundy, France I10647
2 Berta  Burgundy, France I6368
3 Bertha  Burgundy, France I1548
4 Bertha Princess of Burgundy  952Burgundy, France I16256
5 Chilperic King of Burgunde  Abt 435Burgundy, France I15662
6 Conrad I  Abt 795Burgundy, France I14821
7 Conrad Count of Auxerre II  825Burgundy, France I1525
8 Conrad"Le Pacifique"  Abt 930Burgundy, France I14834
9 Constance Duchess Of Burgundy  Abt 1050Burgundy, France I4565
10 Ermentrude Countess of Auxerre  Abt 829Burgundy, France I2706
11 Gerberga  Abt 970Burgundy, France I4236
12 Gerberga Duchess Of Swabia  Abt 973Burgundy, France I12202
13 Gisele Duchess Of Bavaria  Abt 975Burgundy, France I6732
14 Henry Count of Portugal I  Burgundy, France I14999
15 Henry Count of Portugal I  Burgundy, France I4377
16 Hugh Duke of Burgundy II  1090Burgundy, France I3362
17 Luitfried  Abt 799Burgundy, France I9561
18 Matilda  Burgundy, France I4536
19 Raymond Count of Burgundy  Abt 1065Burgundy, France I13817
20 Richard Duke of Bourgogne  Abt 884Burgundy, France I829
21 Rudolph King of Burgundy III  969Burgundy, France I9533
22 AUXERRE, Rudolph Duke of Burgundy III  897Burgundy, France I1771
23 AUXERRE, Rudolph I  Abt 847Burgundy, France I4225
24 BILLUNG, Mechild (Maud) Princess of Saxony  Burgundy, France I15617
25 DE BOURGOGNE, Adelaide  Abt 914Burgundy, France I5008
26 DE BOURGOGNE, Hildegarde Princess of France  1050Burgundy, France I15092
27 DE SCHWABEN, Bertha  Abt 907Burgundy, France I1722
28 DE SCHWABEN, Willa  Abt 851Burgundy, France I15857
29 DE TOURS, Adela  Abt 799Burgundy, France I261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 DE CHALLONS, Adelaide  Abt 924Burgundy, France I9229