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Gloucester, England


Latitude: 51.8642449, Longitude: -2.2381560


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Berta  Abt 1079Gloucester, England I3618
2 Miles Earl of Fitz Walter  Abt 1097Gloucester, England I16253
3 Thomas"The Observer" Lord Of Berkeley  Abt 1167Gloucester, England I13790
4 DE CLARE, Adeliza  Abt 1228Gloucester, England I14398
5 DE CLARE, Agnes Rose  Abt 1229Gloucester, England I1912
6 DE CLARE, Eleanor  Oct 1292Gloucester, England I14024
7 DE CLARE, Gilbert  1225Gloucester, England I3155
8 DE CLARE, Isabel  02 Nov 1226Gloucester, England I15065
9 DE CLARE, Matilda Baroness de Clifford  Abt 1279Gloucester, England I6093
10 DE CLARE, Richard  Abt 1222Gloucester, England I13417
11 DE CLARE, William  Abt 1224Gloucester, England I8892
12 DE PITRES, Roger  Abt 1045Gloucester, England I5734
13 DE SOMERY, Joan  Abt 1191Gloucester, England I9571
14 FITZ HAMON, Robert Lord Of Corbeil  Abt 1064Gloucester, England I8705
15 FITZ MILES, Henry  1128Gloucester, England I10337
16 FITZ MILES, Lucy  Abt 1136Gloucester, England I13823
17 FITZ MILES, Mahel  Abt 1132Gloucester, England I941
18 FITZ MILES, Margaret  Abt 1126Gloucester, England I4264
19 FITZ MILES, Roger Earl of Hereford  Abt 1122Gloucester, England I12102
20 FITZ MILES, Walter  Abt 1124Gloucester, England I7078
21 FITZ MILES, William  1134Gloucester, England I16272
22 FITZ ROBERT, Isabel  Abt 1170Gloucester, England I12338
23 FITZ ROGER, Walter  Abt 1075Gloucester, England I14919
24 FITZ WALTER, Bertha  Abt 1130Gloucester, England I7762
25 HAMMON, Robert Fitz  Abt 1050Gloucester, England I11627
26 HUNGERFORD, Anthony  Abt 1488Gloucester, England I12724
27 LE DESPENCER, Philip  Abt 1254Gloucester, England I1778
28 LORD OF GLAMORGAN&CARD CASTLE, William (Meullent) Fitz Robert Earl of Gloucester  Abt 1110Gloucester, England I1152
29 WHITNEY, Robert  1491Gloucester, England I4889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Thomas Prince of England  Gloucester, England I5534


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aelfgifu  Sep 959Gloucester, England I2419
2 Athelston  27 Oct 939Gloucester, England I9219
3 Edwy (Eadwig) The Fair King of England  01 Oct 959Gloucester, England I384
4 Miles Earl of Fitz Walter  24 Dec 1143Gloucester, England I16253
5 DE BRAOSE, Giles Bishop of Hereford  13 Nov 1215Gloucester, England I7082
6 DE CLARE, Eleanor  30 Jun 1337Gloucester, England I14024
7 DE NEWMARCHE, Sybil  Gloucester, England I5077
8 HUNGERFORD, Anthony  25 May 1594Gloucester, England I9301


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GIFFARD, John  Apr 1322Gloucester, England I2709


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / DE SOMERY  Abt 1217Gloucester, England F4565