Discovering our Ancestors

Kinlet, Shropshire, England


Latitude: 52.4198680, Longitude: -2.4146921


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLOUNT  Abt 1497Kinlet, Shropshire, England I6668
2 BLOUNT, Agnes  Abt 1506Kinlet, Shropshire, England I16527
3 BLOUNT, Alice  Abt 1419Kinlet, Shropshire, England I14750
4 BLOUNT, Anne  Abt 1419Kinlet, Shropshire, England I5791
5 BLOUNT, Anne  Abt 1481Kinlet, Shropshire, England I2694
6 BLOUNT, Arthur  Abt 1488Kinlet, Shropshire, England I5341
7 BLOUNT, Catherine  Abt 1501Kinlet, Shropshire, England I8744
8 BLOUNT, Charles  Abt 1425Kinlet, Shropshire, England I3254
9 BLOUNT, Charles  Abt 1465Kinlet, Shropshire, England I11606
10 BLOUNT, Edward (Edmund)  Abt 1459Kinlet, Shropshire, England I9560
11 BLOUNT, Eleanor (Ellena)  Abt 1433Kinlet, Shropshire, England I8318
12 BLOUNT, Elianora  Abt 1482Kinlet, Shropshire, England I526
13 BLOUNT, Isabel  Abt 1417Kinlet, Shropshire, England I3007
14 BLOUNT, Joan (Jane)  Abt 1454Kinlet, Shropshire, England I14822
15 BLOUNT, Jocosa (Joyce)  Abt 1490Kinlet, Shropshire, England I143
16 BLOUNT, Johanna  Abt 1493Kinlet, Shropshire, England I11718
17 BLOUNT, John  Abt 1425Kinlet, Shropshire, England I6601
18 BLOUNT, John  1484Kinlet, Shropshire, England I3069
19 BLOUNT, Margaret  Abt 1485Kinlet, Shropshire, England I12001
20 BLOUNT, Mary (Margaret)  Abt 1421Kinlet, Shropshire, England I13662
21 BLOUNT, Robert  Abt 1491Kinlet, Shropshire, England I16549
22 BLOUNT, Thomas  Abt 1504Kinlet, Shropshire, England I7888
23 BLOUNT, Ursula  Abt 1496Kinlet, Shropshire, England I15089
24 BLOUNT, Walter  Abt 1417Kinlet, Shropshire, England I2268
25 BLOUNT, Walter  Abt 1463Kinlet, Shropshire, England I14075
26 BLOUNT, William  Abt 1431Kinlet, Shropshire, England I7576
27 BLOUNT, William  Abt 1461Kinlet, Shropshire, England I7075
28 BLOUNT, William  Abt 1503Kinlet, Shropshire, England I1085
29 BLOUNT, Winifrid  Abt 1427Kinlet, Shropshire, England I738
30 LE BLOUNT, Humphrey  1422Kinlet, Shropshire, England I1531
31 LE BLOUNT, Thomas  1455Kinlet, Shropshire, England I11016
32 STRANGE, Maude  Abt 1327Kinlet, Shropshire, England I3708


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLOUNT, Humphrey  Kinlet, Shropshire, England I9547
2 BLOUNT, John  14 Feb 1531Kinlet, Shropshire, England I3069


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BETTENHAM / BLOUNT  Abt 1459Kinlet, Shropshire, England F1085
2 BLOUNT / BLOUNT  Abt 1459Kinlet, Shropshire, England F2510
3 CHEYNEY / BLOUNT  Abt 1453Kinlet, Shropshire, England F935
4 CLARE / BLOUNT  Abt 1526Kinlet, Shropshire, England F128
5 CORBET / BLOUNT  Abt 1505Kinlet, Shropshire, England F3866
6 CORNWALL / STRANGE  Abt 1347Kinlet, Shropshire, England F5263
7 CREIGHTON / BLOUNT  Abt 1439Kinlet, Shropshire, England F684
8 GOWER / BLOUNT  Abt 1516Kinlet, Shropshire, England F4035
9 MASSEY / BLOUNT  Abt 1501Kinlet, Shropshire, England F51
10 OFFLEY / BLOUNT  Abt 1474Kinlet, Shropshire, England F403
11 PIGOT / BLOUNT  Abt 1441Kinlet, Shropshire, England F4121
12 SCRIVEN / BLOUNT  Abt 1502Kinlet, Shropshire, England F4930
13 WHITNEAD / BLOUNT  Abt 1519Kinlet, Shropshire, England F158