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Latitude: 56.4906712, Longitude: -4.2026458


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Achaias Euchaid King of Dalriada  750Scotland I14872
2 Achalas"King of Argyllshire" Queen of Scotland  782Scotland I9334
3 Aedan Dalriada King of Scotland  532Scotland I13973
4 Alexander King of Scotland I  1077Scotland I8973
5 Alexander King of Scotland I  1078Scotland I4314
6 Baine Princess of Scotland  Scotland I8850
7 Bodhe (Boete) Prince of Scotland  Abt 990Scotland I1206
8 Claricia Princess of Scotland  Abt 1116Scotland I7490
9 Dasachtach  Abt 866Scotland I5780
10 Daughter Princess Scotlan  Abt 1064Scotland I12212
11 Donald King of Scotland II  Abt 857Scotland I252
12 Donald Prince of Scotland  Abt 1062Scotland I4658
13 Duncan King of Scotland II  1060Scotland I117
14 Edgar King of Scotland  1074Scotland I5340
15 Edmund Prince of Scotland  1070Scotland I13183
16 Edward Dunkeld Prince of Scotland  Abt 1068Scotland I11745
17 Eochaidh  Scotland I249
18 Ethelred Prince of Scotland  Abt 1072Scotland I8160
19 Fedelmia Dalriada Queen of Scotland  Abt 421Scotland I609
20 Ferchar Prince of Scotland  Scotland I16368
21 Finlaech (Findlaech) Mormaer of Moray  982Scotland I9604
22 Hodierna Princes of Scotland  Abt 1117Scotland I2406
23 James King of Scotland IV  Scotland I4627
24 James King of Scotland V  10 Apr 1512Scotland I3746
25 Kenneth King of Scotland III  Scotland I2300
26 Kenneth King of Scotland II  Abt 932Scotland I4044
27 Mac Beth King of Scotland  Abt 1014Scotland I16475
28 Mac Kenneth Miss Princess Scotlan  Abt 834Scotland I10059
29 Mac Sigurd King of Scotland  962Scotland I8065
30 Malcolm IV  20 Mar 1141Scotland I5530
31 Malcom King of Scotland I  Abt 897Scotland I6031
32 Malcom King of Scotland II  954Scotland I202
33 Malcom Prince of Scotland  Abt 1063Scotland I10898
34 Malcom King of Scotland IV  Abt 1114Scotland I5414
35 Siguard Jarl of Orkney  936Scotland I10941
36 Spondana Princess of Picts  Abt 700Scotland I9972
37 Spondana Queen of Picts  Abt 714Scotland I969
38 William I"The Lion" King of Scotland  1143Scotland I9209
39 Wrold Queen of Picts  Scotland I16178
40 ANLETA, Thora Princess of Scotlan  Abt 988Scotland I13884
41 BARBOUR, James  1680Scotland I584
42 BREAC, Domnall King of Scotland I  Abt 600Scotland I11119
43 BUIDHE, Ferquhard King of Scotland  Abt 590Scotland I7872
44 CARRICK, Daughter  Abt 1237Scotland I11500
45 CARRICK, Daughter  Abt 1239Scotland I8782
46 COLLIER, John Jeremiah  1757Scotland I9721
47 DALRIADA, Eochaid King of Scotland  690Scotland I13182
48 DALRIADA, Eochald King of Scotland  660Scotland I9244
49 DALRIADA, Ethafind Aedfind King of Scotland  Abt 720Scotland I6554
50 DALRIADA, Fergus King of Scotland  Abt 735Scotland I12600

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Malcom King of Scotland IV  Scotland I5414


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Duncan King of Scotland II  12 Nov 1094Scotland I117
2 Ethelred Prince of Scotland  1097Scotland I8160
3 Hodierna Princes of Scotland  Scotland I2406
4 Janet Joan Princess of Scotland  Scotland I10924
5 Malcom King of Scotland IV  Scotland I5414
6 Mary of Scotland  1458Scotland I3665
7 Uchtred Lord of Galloway  22 Sep 1174Scotland I14512
8 AIGHNEACH, Fiacha King of Scotland  Scotland I6493
9 BRUCE, Marjorie Princess of Scotland  02 Mar 1316Scotland I3647
10 DOUGLAS, James Earl of Morton  Scotland I191
11 HUNTINGDON, Henry Prince of Scotland  12 Jun 1152Scotland I9153
12 MAC KENNETH, Dunclina Princess of Scotland  960Scotland I9072
13 PEDEN, Andrew Hugh  1660Scotland I3873
14 STEWART, Agnes Countess of Bothwel  Feb 1557Scotland I3503
15 STEWART, Alexander Prince of Scotland  Scotland I6051
16 STEWART, Andrew  29 Sep 1501Scotland I4475
17 STEWART, Andrew Bishop of Caithne  1542Scotland I9586
18 STEWART, Christian  30 May 1538Scotland I9574
19 STEWART, Elizabeth [Countessoflenno  Scotland I4220
20 STEWART, Elizabeth Princess of Scotland  1389Scotland I7911
21 STEWART, James Baroness of Saltou  Scotland I15419
22 STEWART, James of Buchan  1500Scotland I6836
23 STEWART, John Earl of Atholl  Scotland I3070
24 STEWART, Margaret Princess of Scotland  1410Scotland I4820
25 STEWART, Marjorie Princess of Scotland  Scotland I11350
26 STEWART, Walter Earl of Fife  1362Scotland I3586


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 STEWART, James Baroness of Saltou  Scotland I15419


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1068Scotland F5439
2 /   Abt 1090Scotland F34
3 / BRUCE  Between 02 Mar 1314 and 1315Scotland F4890
4 / DE CLARE  May 1240Scotland F827
5 / DRUMMOND  13 Mar 1365Scotland F2646
6 / INGEBIORGE  Abt 1059Scotland F5437
7 COLLIER / ROTHCHILD  1736Scotland F3420
8 DE BEAUMONT / PLANTAGENET  1335Scotland F1925
9 DE MORMAER / FITZ SIWARD  1030Scotland F3467
10 DOUGLAS /   Scotland F890
11 DOUGLAS /   Bef 1390Scotland F2078
12 DOUGLAS /   24 May 1397Scotland F5531
13 DOUGLAS / STEWART  23 Sep 1371Scotland F408
14 DUNBAR / STEWART  11 Jul 1370Scotland F3116
15 DUNKELD / DE MESCHINES  26 Aug 1190Scotland F3961
16 EDMONSTON /   1425Scotland F510
17 KEITH / STEWART  Between 17 Jan 1373 and 1374Scotland F1726
18 KEITH / STEWART  Bef 24 Apr 1403Scotland F3108
19 MAC DONALD / STEWART  14 Jun 1350Scotland F791
20 MAC EOCHAID /   Abt 809Scotland F5328
21 MAC MALCOLM / HUNTINGTON  1100Scotland F3048
22 STEWART / DOUGLAS  Between Mar 1459 and 1460Scotland F2450
23 STEWART / GRAHAM  09 Sep 1361Scotland F2139