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Winchester, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eleanor Princess of England  04 May 1306Winchester, Hampshire, England I500
2 Henry King of England III  01 Oct 1206Winchester, Hampshire, England I15666
3 Isabel Empress of Germany  1214Winchester, Hampshire, England I8979
4 Richard Prince of England Earl of Cromwell  05 Jan 1209Winchester, Hampshire, England I9639
5 Wilhelm of Brunswick  11 Apr 1184Winchester, Hampshire, England I9253
6 DE LA ROHAN-PORHOET, Emeri  Abt 1296Winchester, Hampshire, England I13869
7 DE LA ROHAN-PORHOET, Eudes  Abt 1294Winchester, Hampshire, England I2557
8 DE LA ROHAN-PORHOET, Philippe  Abt 1300Winchester, Hampshire, England I5649
9 DE LA ROHAN-PORHOET, Thomas  Abt 1302Winchester, Hampshire, England I13311
10 DE LA ZOUCHE, Helene Rohan-Porhoet  Abt 1242Winchester, Hampshire, England I4340
11 DE QUINCY, Arabella  1186Winchester, Hampshire, England I4952
12 DE QUINCY, Hawise Countess of Oxford  1178Winchester, Hampshire, England I9664
13 DE QUINCY, Helen Ellen  1222Winchester, Hampshire, England I7763
14 DE QUINCY, John  Abt 1182Winchester, Hampshire, England I6264
15 DE QUINCY, Loretta  Abt 1180Winchester, Hampshire, England I3997
16 DE QUINCY, Margaret  1198Winchester, Hampshire, England I16711
17 DE QUINCY, Reginald  Abt 1184Winchester, Hampshire, England I11585
18 DE QUINCY, Roger Earl of Winchester  Abt 1176Winchester, Hampshire, England I10868
19 DE QUINCY, Saher  1090Winchester, Hampshire, England I5165
20 DE QUINCY, Seer First Earl of Winchester  1155Winchester, Hampshire, England I11769
21 PLANTAGENET, Eleanor Princess of England  1186Winchester, Hampshire, England I2283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alfred"The Great" King of England  26 Oct 901Winchester, Hampshire, England I3162
2 Edmund Prince of England  19 Mar 1330Winchester, Hampshire, England I6092
3 Emma Queen of England  06 Mar 1052Winchester, Hampshire, England I1353
4 Walthe Earl Of Huntington II  31 May 1070Winchester, Hampshire, England I4553
5 DE BEAUFORT, Henry  11 Apr 1447Winchester, Hampshire, England I4087
6 DE CHAMPAGNE, Henry Eudes  08 Aug 1171Winchester, Hampshire, England I8082


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LA ZOUCHE / DE QUINCY  Bef 1242Winchester, Hampshire, England F1685
2 LA ZOUCHE / LEVEL  Between 15 Feb 1295 and 1296Winchester, Hampshire, England F1534