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Dudley, Worcestershire, England


Latitude: 52.5122550, Longitude: -2.0811120


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DE SOMERI, Margaret  Abt 1229Dudley, Worcestershire, England I2783
2 DUDLEY, Geoffrey  Abt 1504Dudley, Worcestershire, England I3273
3 DUDLEY, Thomas  Abt 1499Dudley, Worcestershire, England I11796
4 SOMERY, Margaret  Abt 1286Dudley, Worcestershire, England I10579
5 SUTTON, Alice Dudley  Abt 1494Dudley, Worcestershire, England I9858
6 SUTTON, Arthur  1505Dudley, Worcestershire, England I4162
7 SUTTON, Catherine of Dudley  Abt 1490Dudley, Worcestershire, England I15718
8 SUTTON, Constancia of Dudley  Abt 1501Dudley, Worcestershire, England I6518
9 SUTTON, Dorothy of Dudley  Abt 1493Dudley, Worcestershire, England I13915
10 SUTTON, Edmund  1425Dudley, Worcestershire, England I1350
11 SUTTON, Edward Baron of Dudley  1460Dudley, Worcestershire, England I6379
12 SUTTON, Edward of Dudley  Abt 1497Dudley, Worcestershire, England I16244
13 SUTTON, Eleanor  1481Dudley, Worcestershire, England I1977
14 SUTTON, Elizabeth of Dudley  Abt 1493Dudley, Worcestershire, England I10079
15 SUTTON, George  1511Dudley, Worcestershire, England I11998
16 SUTTON, Humphrey  1405Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8931
17 SUTTON, Jane  Abt 1487Dudley, Worcestershire, England I4694
18 SUTTON, John Baron of Dudley  1286Dudley, Worcestershire, England I10270
19 SUTTON, John Baron of Dudley  Abt 1304Dudley, Worcestershire, England I8952
20 SUTTON, John of Dudley  1461Dudley, Worcestershire, England I1238
21 SUTTON, John Baron of Dudley  1480Dudley, Worcestershire, England I10490
22 SUTTON, Joyce of Dudley  Abt 1463Dudley, Worcestershire, England I16399
23 SUTTON, Joyce  1492Dudley, Worcestershire, England I7721
24 SUTTON, Margaret  Abt 1310Dudley, Worcestershire, England I2294
25 SUTTON, Margaret  1485Dudley, Worcestershire, England I906
26 SUTTON, William  Abt 1489Dudley, Worcestershire, England I6772
27 WILLOUGHBY, Cicely  Abt 1463Dudley, Worcestershire, England I15198
28 WILLOUGHBY, William  1430Dudley, Worcestershire, England I16615


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SUTTON, John Baron of Dudley  Dudley, Worcestershire, England I5371