Discovering our Ancestors

Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.7632254, Longitude: -2.7044052


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ellen  1400Lancashire, England I12722
2 Margaret  1390Lancashire, England I14739
3 ASHERTON, Margaret  1575Lancashire, England I9931
4 DAULTON, THOMAS  1224Lancashire, England I2945
5 DE BURY, Alice  Abt 1353Lancashire, England I13296
6 DEBAMFORD, Lavin  1173Lancashire, England I11065
7 DESHUTTLEWORTH, Henry  1025Lancashire, England I5859
8 GARSIDE, Margaret  1546Lancashire, England I13284
9 GREEKE, Thomas  1524Lancashire, England I7013
10 HEYWOOD, Peter  1558Lancashire, England I9032
11 HEYWOOD, Robert  1573Lancashire, England I8519
12 LONGFORD, Richard  1425Lancashire, England I8971
13 MARSDEN, Henrietta Merclesden  1243Lancashire, England I16334
14 MARSDEN, Jordan  1246Lancashire, England I15920
15 MARSDEN, Lawrence Merclesden  1237Lancashire, England I10625
16 MERCLESDEN, Gamel de  1075Lancashire, England I8437
17 MERCLESDEN, MAUD de  1096Lancashire, England I8118
18 MERCLESDEN, ROBERT de  1095Lancashire, England I5807
19 MERCLESDEN, Ughtred De  1055Lancashire, England I15855
20 PICKUP, Joseph  Abt 1744Lancashire, England I3094
21 RADCLIFFE, Richard  1379Lancashire, England I682
22 SAVAGE, Gracia  1405Lancashire, England I7855
23 SHARPLESS, David  1822Lancashire, England I2861
24 SHARPLESS, John  29 Aug 1816Lancashire, England I16682
25 SHARPLESS, Thomas  05 Feb 1820Lancashire, England I16275
26 THOMPSON, George  1504Lancashire, England I11820
27 THOMPSON, Jane  1524Lancashire, England I11670
28 THOMPSON, Mrs George  1504Lancashire, England I806
29 UNKNOWN, MAUD deMerclesden  1141Lancashire, England I6805


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DEMERCLESDEN  1132Lancashire, England I16764
2 DEMERCLESDEN, Robert  1170Lancashire, England I6148
3 DESHUTTLEWORTH, Henry  1072Lancashire, England I12200
4 GARSIDE, Margaret  1602Lancashire, England I13284
5 GREENHALGH, Thomas  18 Jul 1576Lancashire, England I4687
6 HEYWOOD, Peter  Feb 1599Lancashire, England I9032
7 HEYWOOD, Robert  1645Lancashire, England I8519
8 MERCLESDEN, Gamel de  1125Lancashire, England I8437
9 MERCLESDEN, MAUD de  1148Lancashire, England I8118
10 MERCLESDEN, ROBERT de  1150Lancashire, England I5807
11 MERCLESDEN, Ughtred De  1105Lancashire, England I15855
12 MERCLESDEN, WILLIAM de  1163Lancashire, England I14868
13 MERCLESDEN, William de  1170Lancashire, England I4223
14 RADCLIFFE, Isabella  20 Jun 1497Lancashire, England I431
15 SMALLER, Jeanett Jane  1530Lancashire, England I13832
16 SOTO, Jane  1548Lancashire, England I4081
17 UNKNOWN, MAUD deMerclesden  1180Lancashire, England I6805
18 WORKESLEY, Elena  1404Lancashire, England I1477